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Project Description
Versions of the Bresenham line plot code written in C#. It includes one variation that plots in order from start to finish.

The original code was intended to plot lines on early printers. It has other uses.

Wikipedia does a good job of explaining the Bresenham line algorithm.

**Notes **

The language is C# but I have used the XNA version of the 'Point' structure. It would be trivial to use a different point structure in the code.

It includes methods to validate the results.

The one thing that I think is important from a game coding perspective is that the results do NOT include every grid square that a line could pass through. It was originally intended to produce a result that looked like a line. It is no use in a game if you want accurate collision detection along that line!

I implemented this for use to calculate view occlusion for my XNA game, Diabolical: The Shooter.

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